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Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals - PPC Case Study


Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals was spending nearly all of their marketing dollars on paid search (PPC). With annual costs of well over $100,000 on PPC advertising, Cedar Creek initally experienced a satisfactory return on investment. However, as competition increased on Google AdWords, the cost per customer acquisition grew too high to be sustainable.


All of the marketing eggs were in one PPC basket. With this methodology no longer serving the company, a general distrust of "marketing experts" and investment in SEO grew. Also, competitors had gained ground in the search results, directly cutting into Cedar Creek’s business. Read even more about the challenges facing Cedar Creek in this special profile featured in HubSpot customer case studies by clicking here.


Cedar Creek hired 98toGo to optimize blog content, target email campaigns, and closely monitor keyword opportunities to best increase website traffic and convert leads into customers.




After 6 months of continuous blogging, Cedar Creek's organic traffic went up +91% over the previous year. The number of conversions had increased by +37%. Moreover, Cedar Creek was able to reduce its pay-per-click advertising spend down to $33,000.

Despite new investments in inbound marketing and software - Cedar Creek lowered overall marketing costs while increasing results. These results and other big wins for Cedar Creek were featured in a New York Times article – read more here.

Words from the business owner:TomTelford

“I lowered my Google PPC spend by over $60K and yet saw an 89% improvement on organic traffic and more than 4,000 inbound leads in just 10 months. This was a big win for us.” – Tom Telford


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