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Case Studies


Cooper Piano - Web Traffic Case Study



Cooper Piano needed some help.  The president and owner Blake Cooper couldn’t do it all and was stressed.  He increasingly outsourced components of marketing, from radio advertising and targeted newspaper ads, to paid search and various website marketing efforts. All of this outsourcing had become difficult to keep up with and track. 

Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals - Lead Generation Case Study


After establishing itself with paid search advertising and almost 3 years of consistent inbound marketing, the Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals website needed a boost. Traffic and leads had begun to slip downward. It was time to explore new ways to boost results, especially considering that almost 85% of the total rental cabin nights booked online.  So it was imperative to keep online activity sharp.  

Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals - PPC Case Study


Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals was spending nearly all of their marketing dollars on paid search (PPC). With annual costs of well over $100,000 on PPC advertising, Cedar Creek initally experienced a satisfactory return on investment. However, as competition increased on Google AdWords, the cost per customer acquisition grew too high to be sustainable.

Paving Co

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Insurance Agent

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Medical Lab Testing

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